• Must See : Do Not Eat This Fish, It Is Very Dangerous For Your Health!

    The Basa fish ( Pangasius Fillets) is sold in the form of frozen fillets all around Europe at a very cheap price, which is why it’s so popular. However, this fish from Vietnam is very low in quality and can endanger your health! The Basa fish ( Pangasius Fillets) is cultivated near the Mekong River in Vietnam, one of the most polluted […]

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    8 Unclean Reasons Why You Must Change Your Underwear Daily.

    It is very essential to replace your underwear every day. Wearing the same underwear for a couple of days can create some serious health problems. It is because your panties harbor bacteria due to sufficient humidity near your genitals. Let’s check out these eye-opening reasons why you must change your underwear daily. 1) Wearing same […]

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    Ever Wondered Why You Shiver After You Pee?… See This!!

    There is nothing more refreshing than using a toilet when you want to empty your urinary bladder.   Picture yourself holding your pee in because there’s no toilet around and when you finally find one, it is definitely a wonderful feeling. But have you noticed that sometimes you shiver after you pee? Doctors call it […]

  • Remember : Here’s Why You Should Always Sleep On The Left Side Of The Body!

    Most of the people are not aware that the position for sleeping plays an essential role for the digestive tract and the overall health. In order to help digestion, monks used to lie down after meals in the ancient era. The Ayurvedic medicine, which is the oldest Oriental medicine, confirms this as well, and it […]

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    Top 8 Foods You Should Never Eat If You Have Joint Pain.

    Joint pain causes great discomfort, aches, and inflammation, and might vary from mild to severe, acute or chronic.The main causes of joint pain are injuries, gout, lupus, broken or dislocated bones, and fibromyalgia. Joint pain might be aggravated or relieved by certain foods. The following 8 foods should be avoided, in order to soothe the […]