Nigerians : See The Wrong Things Most Nigerian Men Check Before Marrying a Woman.

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Many things guys base marital decisions upon are very funny and a times; foolish things.These has led many guys into a life- time of regret .Let’s examine and burst them one by one:

1: Curve: they ask, is she figure 8?If you marry her for her figure 8, will she maintain that when she become pregnant? Never, it may even turn to figure 96
2: Size: they often ask; is she “Lepa” (slim).They are crazy about’ Lepa’. After giving birth to the first baby, what will happen to the size? It will be as if you took her to a vulcanizer to pump her up.

Stop fooling yourself, that ‘Lepa ‘girl will later look like her  ‘orobo’ (fat) mummy. If you don’t like the present look of her mum, you better don’t marry her.
3: Big Butt: Very wrong! How will you choose a girl because she has a big buttocks, this is even an heavy load to her, big but its just a big sewage disposal unit, a magnificent septic tank. Is that what you want to marry? Wise up guys.


4: Pointed b.reasts: Will her b.reast remain pointed after raising three children? Never! Don’t go for b.reast, go for the best.


5: Tooth gap: “Eji Jo rice”.Quite funny, you want to marry a lady without character just because she has a gap in her teeth, she may end up creating gap in your life and destiny.

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